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Welcome to Tatzcatz! 
Tatzcatz is a small breeding cattery based in the South Island of New Zealand, in the beautiful settlement of Aramoana, Dunedin. 
We are a registered breeder of New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF). All breeding cats are DNA tested clear and negative for (HMC) and (PKD). 

I have been blessed with beautiful Ragdoll breeding cats with thanks to some of New Zealand’s exceptional breeders. Tatzcatz currently have Blue Ragdolls, Seal Point Ragdolls that carry chocolate and dilute,  Seal Mink Point Ragdolls ,Lilac and chocolate. All ragdolls are considered part of the family as they are all individually loved for their loving and unique personalities. Kittens are raised in a home environment and well socialised with our 8 year old son and our family dog Georgie

Home: Our Story



Champion Aurorapetz Tarvos

Seal Point-carrying chocolate and dilute

Bellazure Houdini

Blue Point

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Flawless Females


Aurorapetz Pisica

Seal Point-Mitted

Pisica, or as we like to call her Mitzi, is a sweet pretty girl with a quiet nature. She is a little shy until you gain her trust, but she will win your heart over once you do. Another thanks to Mike and Gill from Aurorapetz for Tarvos and Pisica and helping me start my dream.

Aurorapetz Qiana-Belle

Seal Point Mink

Qiana-Belle has reached maturity and is now one of our beautiful seal mink point Queens. She is a proven Queen as she has produced her first litter of gorgeous kittens, one being Zariah. Qiana-Belle has a flawless nature and loving personality that makes it impossible not to love her.

Home: Queens

Jasslime Sierra

Lilac Point

Sierra is one of our new Queens to the Tatzcatz family. She is a lilac point ragdoll that we adore endlessly. She is beyond beautiful with a gorgeous personality. Sierria is a match made in heaven with her mating partner Houdini!

Tatzcatz Zariah

Seal Point Mink

Zariah, once was our little baby, She has reached maturity and is now one of our flawless females. She is Tatzcatz first born and bred Mink Queen making her extra special! She takes after her Mum, Qiana-Belle, being a seal point mink. Zariah's father is Houdini.

Home: Females

Tatzcatz Anastazia

Blue Point

Stazia as we call her has the perfect traits of a true Ragdoll. With a docile personality and the ability to flop in front of your feet to stop your tracks, she absolutely loves cuddles and never fails to purr. Anastazia is Houdini and Sierra's offspring and has inherited their distinct qualities.

Tatzcatz Khaliah

Seal Point-Mitted

Another addition to our Queens is Khaliah. She is a pleasure to have in our Ragdoll family and we couldn't be happier! Khaliah is one of Tarvos and Pisica's offspring that we couldn't resist keeping her. She is a seal point mitted Ragdoll with beautiful ocean eyes and a playful, yet, shy at times personality.

Home: Females

Zemog Xanvae - EMBER

Seal Bi-colour

Ember has the most beautiful nature.

She absolutely loves her human cuddles and is quite talkative . 

She is the perfect partner to Tarvos 

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Up Coming Future Flawless Females

Meet the Gorgeous Girls of the Future

At TatzCatz, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our selection of female animals is unrivalled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.


Tatzcatz - Astra

Seal Bicolour

Astra has completely captivated us . 
Her stunning looks and personality has us excited for her up coming future .
She is our 8 yr old sons Christmas 2022 present and he gave her the beautiful name Astra,
Astra's parents are Tarvos and Ember

Tatzcatz Minka

Mischievous Bundle of Fun

seal point mink

More details to come Parents are Tarvos & Qiana-Belle


Tatzcatz Chevelle

Seal Point Mink

Chevelle will be of breeding age this spring ,

Miss Style ish

Small but Perfectly Formed

There’s no doubt this wee lady is going to grow into a beautiful Queen .
She has been to her first Cat show and was placed in the top 10



Blue Lynx Bi-Colour
Exciting new Addition LYNX

There’s no doubt this wee treasure is going to grow into an amazing  Ragdoll,  With her inquisitive sweet  personality, We are hoping and excited that she is going to make  amazing off spring with her perfect match Houdini .
We are very excited to be adding lynx to our programme especially Blue Lynx

Tatzcatz Samara

Mischievous Bundle of Fun

photos coming soon!!

Samara is 8 mths old , She is adorable with a  very  sweet shy personality 

Her parents are Ember and Tarvos , 

She is Astra's younger sister 


Interested in taking home one of our beautiful animals? Contact us for more details.

Home: Females

Meet the Chocolate box

Exciting new Addition

IMG-3722 (2).jpg

Tatzcatz A-Mazing Chokolat

Chocolate point

Just like his name he is truly amazing ,
He is always purring and wanting cuddles and attention .
Such a beautiful nature 
very excited for his future offspring with Love a lot

 Love-A -Lot

New Addition

Chocolate mitted


This wee girl is our new addition to the family.
We are very excited to be adding her line .
She will be a perfect match to our Chocolate Point

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Upcoming Mating

Here you can keep up to date with upcoming mating


Tarvos + Pisica

Travos and Pisica (Mitzi) is our next upcoming mating. These two will create adorable and hard to resist kittens as both rag dolls have beautiful blue eyes and loving personalities. Tarvos is a seal point rag doll that carries chocolate and dilute and Pisica is a seal point-mitted rag doll.


Ember & Tarvos

Upcoming matings to be confrimed..

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I receive a kitten?

We know you can’t wait until you are able to welcome your new kitten into the family. However, no kitten will leave for its new family any less than 12 weeks of age. 

Do I have to pick the kitten up? 

I am happy to help organise pick ups and or drop offs which can be negotiated closer to the time. 

Is a deposit required?

Yes. A deposit is required for all kittens to help satisfy both parties as it secures your desired kitten and guarantees their home. This deposit is non-refundable.

Do the kittens come vaccinated? 

Yes. All kittens will be homed to their new family having at least one vaccination. 

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